A new home design with the best client brief I’ve had to date “funky on a budget” with views of both Mt Coolum, Old Woman Island and the Pacific coastline the house is orientated to make the most of the view but also with the position of the sun and also summer predominant Sunshine Coast breezes in mind. The block of land is slightly steep and for this reason the plan has been stepped in parts to accommodate the natural slope of the land to reduce the amount of retaining required.The house has also been segmented via a breezeway into two separate zones one ‘served’ and one ‘servant’  so to speak were formed the ‘living pavilion’ and the ‘sleeping pavilion’ in a gesture of demarcating what is private and what is public realm – a concept which is somewhat borrowed from the philosophy of Estonian/American architect Louis Kahn. The timber batten screen on the facade of the sleeping pavilion offers degrees of privacy depending on the size of the aperture. This house is still currently under construction. TO BE CONTINUED.









“Architecture has its own realm. I has a special physical relationship with life. [a house is] a sensitive container for the rhythm of footsteps on the floor, for the concentration of work, for the silence of sleep” (Zumthor, P.1988).